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Utah Beach Landing Museum To cap your Normandy experience, continue east to the Utah Beach Landing Museum, the best museum on the D-Day beaches.

Built around the remains of a concrete German bunker still nestled in the sand dunes on Utah Beach, this thorough yet manageable museum pieces together the details of D-Day in a series of fascinating exhibits and displays. Its highlights are the exhibits of innovative invasion equipment and videos demonstrating how it worked. For the Allied landings to succeed, many coordinated tasks had to be accomplished: Paratroopers had to be dropped inland, the resistance had to disable bridges and cut communications, bombers had to deliver payloads on target and on time, the infantry had to land safely on the beaches, and supplies had to follow the infantry closely.

The museum’s stunning grand finale is the large, glassed-in room overlooking the beach, with Pointe du Hoc looming to your right. From here, you’ll peer over re-created German trenches and feel what it must have felt like to be behind enemy lines. Many German bunkers remain buried in the dunes.”


Mary Caffey – Fille du Général Caffey (6.06.2014)

I speak for all the members of colonel caffey’s familly. We are overwhelmed by the dedication of respect and admiration of my father. All who came to utah beach to free the world from tyranny at the supreme cost are so honored and remembered. May we americans never forget our staunch brave ally.

“A very emotional return – thanks to all”

David Dewhurst and his wife Tricia  (6.11.2011)

Writer / Photographer
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“The Utah Beach Museum is the finest D-Day museum in Normandy. However, it is not quality alone that makes it a truly special experience. It is a museum with a big heart. All visitors are welcomed as guests, but WWII veterans are treated as family. The love and kindness the entire staff gives to our veterans is with heartfelt sincerity.”

Brigadier General U.S. Army (retired)

“I have visited the Utah Beach D-Day Museum at least three time over past couple of years. Each visit showed improvement over the last one. The Museum is well laid out and it is easy to follow the various exhibits. It shows the landing at Utah Beach very accurately.”

Military historian and battlefield guide

“As a starting point for a tour of the Normandy battlefields there can be few better places, and I would highly commend the Utah Beach D-Day Museum to any visitor who wishes to better understand the battle the Cotentin Peninsula that took place here over half a century ago.”

4th Infantry Division
Landed at Utah Beach with the first assault wave on June 6, 1944

“The Utah Beach D-Day Museum at Sainte Marie du Mont, France is a ‘must see’ for veterans and a learning experience for history buffs…

The Museum is proof of the gratitude of the French people and their solemn promise that they will never forget us for returning their freedom to them.”

22nd Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division
Landed at Utah Beach June 9, 1944 Division, wounded on June 12, 1944 at Saint Floxel

“The Utah Beach D-Day Museum is very well designed and does an excellent job of explaining what happened on D Day and after.”

749th Tank Battalion
Landed at Utah Beach in June 1944

“I returned to Utah Beach almost 55 years after I landed on the beach in June 1944.The beach was peaceful and quiet, much different than in 1944. We were very pleased to see the beautiful museum established to commemorate one of the landing areas assigned the American forces on D Day…

“After visiting the beach and monuments, I became more emotional than anticipated.”


Major General Charles L. Wilson USAF retired)

“The Utah Beach D-Day Museum is unquestionably the finest Museum in the Omaha/Utah Beach region of Normandy. It was conceived and first built soon after the D-Day landings due to the energy, imagination and great effort by the Mayor of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, supported by all the officials in that region.

I first visited the Museum in 1984, and practically every D-Day Anniversary since then I have been in Normandy and observed with great admiration the many significant improvements that have been made. Completion of the current on-going expansion will be a magnificent improvement.

All visitors who go to Normandy to view the historic area of the D-Day landings should give this Museum a priority second only to the American Cemetery on Omaha Beach.”