Visit one the premier historic sites of the D-Day landings and immerse your students in the heart of history.

What happened at Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 ?

Built at the exact location where U.S. troops landed on June 6, 1944 the Utah Beach Museum can answer all your questions through :

  • A detailed chronological recounting of the events of D-Day from the preparation to the attack itself and ultimate success
  • Historic artifacts: an authentic B26 bomber, an LCVP “Higgins Boat,” an LVT-2 “Water Buffalo,” a DUWK, a jeep…
  • A guided tour of the Museum
  • A tour of the historic site of Utah Beach
  • A 15-minute documentary film
  • Booklets for primary and secondary school classes
  • A treasure hunt specially adapted to different students’ grade level

After your visit, you will not only understand the strategic choice and the reason for the success of Utah Beach but also the role and importance of the Normandy landings in the overall context of the Second World War.

Visit the Utah Beach Museum is to learn and understand the landings, honor the courage of extraordinary men and contribute to the transmission of memory.

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The Utah Beach D-Day Museum has been providing guided tours for many years, allowing the school public a full understanding of the D-Day landings on Utah Beach. Several formulas are available.

How much time do you have on site? Here are the guided tours that we offer:
45 minutes: Visit of the interior of the museum. Discover the History of D-Day through the vehicles and historical objects.
1h30 : Guided tour of the inside of the museum, the beach and the memorials, for a discovery combining objects and places full of history.
1h30 : Guided tour entirely outside, including the discovery of the German blockhouses in position on Utah Beach, the beach and the memorials.

These visits are in addition to the entrance to the museum. You can continue to visit the museum freely, after or before your guided tour.

How to organize a guided tour?
30 people maximum per group.
If the group is larger, it will be divided.

Visits are possible between 10:30 and 12:30 and 14:00 and 17:00. Contact us at 02 33 71 53 35 or via to know our availabilities.

What are the rates for guided tours?
The 45-minute guided tour is at an extra charge of 1 euro 50 per person. The 1h30 guided tour is at an additional cost of 4 euros per person.
The entrance fee per student, from 20, is 4 euro.

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