Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Utah Beach Landing Museum’s collections. Explore the museum and the surrounding area to understand the Utah Beach Landings, and the Memory we pass on to you every day.

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Episode 1 : The B26 Marauder from the outside

Go behind the scenes of the museum with Flavie Poisson, who presents the Bombardier B26 “Marauder” on display!

Episode 2 : The B26 Marauder from the inside

In this second episode, discover with Flavie Poisson, Communication Officer, the inside of the B26 Bomber on display at the Utah Beach Landing Museum, of which there are only 3 copies left in the world!

Episode 3 : The Atlantic Wall

Guillaume, guide at the museum, proposes you to rediscover the Atlantic Wall, through the vestiges present at Utah Beach.

Episode 4 : The “In honor” panels

These signs line the roads, the paths, and take the name of a soldier of the First Special Engineer Brigade who died nearby during the summer of 1944. Stéphane Simonnet makes you discover or rediscover the “In honor” panels.

Episode 5 : The LVT 2 Water Buffalo

Benoît Noël, in charge of historical research, invites you aboard the LVT2 Water Buffalo, and introduces you to its history and creation, thanks to its inventor Donald Roebling.

Episode 6 : The flooded marshes of the Cotentin area

The flooded marshes of the Cotentin: discover how this landscape was a crucial issue for both Germans and Americans. Benoît Noël, in charge of historical research at the museum, explains everything!

Episode 7: The German Propaganda Book

Guillaume, a guide at the museum, makes you discover one of the objects of our collection, the German propaganda book.

Episode 8 : The Church of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

INEDIT : The Church of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont was the theater of many events between Americans and Germans. Let Benoît Noël make you discover it, and climb to the top of the church’s bell tower!