Immerse yourself in the story of D-Day!


Operation “Overlord” was the codename given to the top secret plans for the Allied invasion of Normandy. Preparations for the invasion Normandy were entrusted to the Supreme Allied Commander of the Expeditionary Forces in Europe, Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower.

Planning for the landings began in the spring of 1943. Initial plans called for a coordinated assault on three beaches in the Calvados:

  • Omaha Beach – American sector
  • Gold Beach – British sector
  • Juno Beach – British/Canadian sector

Only a few months before the launch of Operation Overlord, Eisenhower insisted on adding two new beaches to the original plan in order to expand the scope of the attacks.

  • Sword Beach – to provide access to the city of Caen
  • Utah Beach – to take control of the deep water port at Cherbourg, crucial to ensure supplies for Allied operations

The military strategy for Operation Overlord will require a thoroughly planned and coordinated attack by the multi-national allied naval, air, airborne, and land forces

The success of Operation Overlord will require an unprecedented joint and simultaneous action between multiple mobilized units.

Historic maps and documents explain the Allied strategy, including the original 13’x10’ headquarter planning map used by General Collins to prepare for the landing on Utah Beach.